Weekly Apartment

A. Guest House (stay longer than a month)

Room Dormitory type (Shared room with 3 beds)
Standard type (Single person use; ~13 m²)
One room type (Single persons use; ~20 m²)
Twin-bedded room type (For one or two persons use; ~26 m²)
Furniture and appliances Each unit contains bed, refrigerator, closet and heater.
Standard, One room, Twin-bedded room types contain in addition desk and chair.
One room, Twin-bedded room types contain ensuite kitchen, bathroom, and toilet as well.
Shared Facilities Shared kitchen, dining room, communal lounge with fireplace, shower room, laundry, recreation room.
Rental Futon, bedclothes.
Internet Free internet access through a shared computer, located in dining room, Wired LAN use possible. Paid internet access available at each room.
Features 10 minute walking distance from SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko, Nishi 11&18 chome Subway Station (Tozai Line). Situated within easy reach of 24-hour facilities including restaurants, a supermarket, convenience stores and bank. The Odori Park is only a 10 minute walk away.

Fees (Rental fees, utilities and heating expenses)

Application Fee: ¥6,000 (Overseas residents:¥10,000)

No application fee in the case a reservation is done by the students themselves.
Charged Utility Costs (per month; Water of ¥100/day, Electricity, Gas): starting from ¥1,500~ depending on the room type and periods of stay.
Guarantee Fee: ¥20,000 (fully refunded upon moving out of guest house provided the room is clean and undamaged and there are no outstanding rent payments).

Administrative Fee: ¥15,000 (nonrefundable) Rental Futon Fee: ¥4,800 for one month. Discount for more than two months. Internet Fee: ¥2,500/month, ¥100/day.

Guest House Rental Fee per month
one person/room
as of July 27th, 2014
Room type Fee Common service Fee Second Person Use Fee
Dormitory type ¥25,000 ¥5,000 -
Standard type ¥35,000 ¥5,000 -
One room type ¥53,000 ¥6,000 -
Twin-bedded room type ¥57,000 ¥6,000 ¥38,000/person
Price for longer stay is based on a month rate for full months and on a day rate for the remaining days of the stay.

For latest information, visit DK HOUSE http://www.e-guesthouse.com/eng/sapporo/.

An example of Standard type room monthly fee - ¥65,300 (inc. ¥35,000 rental fee, ¥5,000 common service fee, ¥3,000 water expences, ¥4,800 rental futon fee, ¥2,500 Internet fee and ¥15,000 administrative fee)

Guest House Rules


B. International hostels and Backpakers hostels (stay shorter or longer than a month)

*No appication fee when the reservation is done by the students themselves.

Since July 27, 2014.