2017 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Intensive Study Courses
(Courses will be held in Sapporo and also in Asahikawa)


Intensive courses at SIL have been running for many years and offer a tried and tested teaching technique which gives priority to the high scoring sections of the exam - listening and reading.
We place strong emphasis on examination technique essential for success in a Japanese designed exam. We give good Japanese speakers the extra knowledge to nudge them over the pass mark!
We are happy to say that our students have enjoyed a 90% pass rate!!

Sapporo Courses

no application fees

Course Fees

Date Hours Application Deadline Tuition
Session 1 7th-9th October 15 hours 9th September ¥19,000
Session 2 21st-22nd October 10 hours 30th September ¥13,000
Session 3 11th-12th November 10 hours 21st October ¥13,000

An additional heating expense is added to tuition from October through May (¥1,500 for one session).

Asahikawa Satellite School

Dates will be arranged upon a request.
The address for Asahikawa classes will be provided only if at least 3 students attend.