2018 Summer Intensive Japanese Courses


Start Date Finish Date Hours Application Deadline
Session 1
Mon, 18th Jun Fri, 29th Jun 4 hours/day
10 days

Spaces available

Session 2
Mon, 2nd Jul Fri, 13th Jul 4 hours/day
10 days
Session 3
(JLPT N3/N2)
Mon, 16th Jul Fri, 27th Jul 4 hours/day
10 days
Session 4
(JLPT N3/N2)
Mon, 30th Jul Fri, 10th Aug 4 hours/day
10 days
Session 5
Mon, 13th Aug Fri, 24th Aug 4 hours/day
10 days


Course Fees

Nonrefundable Application Fee Domestic residents ¥6,000
Overseas residents ¥10,000
Tuition for half of any two-week session 1 week ¥25,000
for 1 session 2 weeks ¥50,000
for 1.5 sessions 3 weeks ¥75,000
for 2 sessions 4 weeks ¥98,000
for 2.5 sessions 5 weeks ¥122,000
for 3 sessions 6 weeks ¥145,000
for 3.5 sessions 7 weeks ¥169,000
for 4 sessions 8 weeks ¥193,000
for 4.5 sessions 9 weeks ¥217,000
for 5 sessions 10 weeks ¥241,000


Hours Courses are generally divided into one 2.5 hour morning session and one 1.5 afternoon session.
Homework Reviewing, and keeping a Japanese diary or essay in elementary level class.
Quiz 1-2 times/week



Homestay Fees
Application Fees
Overseas residents ¥10,000
Domestic residents ¥6,000
Every one week (7nights)
including breakfast and supper

Please refer to the "Accommodation" page for Accommodation information.

Additional Information

For further information please follow the "General Course Infomation" link on our "Courses" page and Read "what former students have to say about SIL..." on "About Us" page.

Summer Intensive Course Objective

The main objective of Intensive Course is to learn standard Japanese for communication.

Elementary level curriculum allows the students to improve mainly their conversation skills for daily life communication. Intermediate and Advanced levels curriculum concentrates on preparation for JLPT N1~N2 and the study material is mostly based on the corresponded grammar and expressions. Students of Intermediate/Advanced Levels who are not interested in JLPT have the opportunity to improve their conversation level and expression proficiency by direct teaching method applied at SIL.