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Q. What is the maximum number of students per class?

A. The average class size is 7 students, but for Intermediate and Advanced levels this number is lower. We had maximum of 7 students for Intermediate I level last summer and 5 students for Intermediate- Conversation class.
It also depends on which Session one would like to attend. Usually the Session overlapping with Obon Summer Holiday is the most crowded (for 2006 it is Session IV).

Q. Can you show an example schedule? How long are the classes?

A. The usual studying hours are 9:30-12:00 am (2h30min), lunch break of 1 hour, 1:00-2:30pm (1h30min).

Q. Is the field trip time a part of the 20 class hours?

A. The field trip is held once per Session III and Session IV. It is optional. When a field trip is held, the schedule is 9:30-12:30 (3 h) and the field trip is in the afternoon. The filed trip expenses are not included into the tuition, and they are about 2500 yen (inc. lunch and travel expenses).

Q. Are there extra fees for the activities? What are the general costs for them?

A. There are Weekday Lunch Party, Weekend BBQ Party, an experience of Shamisen, Ikebana or Shodo. Weekday Lunch Party costs are about 1500 yen, and the Weekend BBQ party costs are about 2000 yen (incl. food and travel to the place where the party is held, i.e. beach, park).
An experience of Shamisen, Ikebana or Shodo are held after the classes and they are free, just with the cancellation fee occurred on the very day.

Q. Can I participate in the Summer Course on weekly basis, i.e. the second week of Session 3 and the first week on Session 4?

A. Yes, applications for the Summer course on weekly basis are acceptable. Please mention in the application form, not only Session number but week 1 or 2 of it in case you are not going to apply for the entire session. You can apply as many sessions as you like.



Q. Where on your website is the info. for the postal account? I can't find it...

A. The information is in AboutUs/Application and Payment (II.Payment)


But here are the details.
Postal Office Transfer (Only YEN can be received)
Account name: SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko
Account Number: 19030-39799791

Q. Can I do a Furikomi to your bank account?

A. Here are the details:

Hokkaido Bank Minami Ichijo Branch 南1条支店(Futsu yokin) 0947603
SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko Daihyo Shima Harumi
And the same information in case of International Transfer:
Bank Transfer (Only YEN can be received)

Hokkaido Bank Minami Ichijo Branch (Futsu yokin) 0947603
SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko Daihyo Shima Harumi
Swift Number : HKDBJPJT
Branch Number : 104
Address: Hokkaido Bank Ltd. Minami Ichijo Branch
Minami 1 jo Nishi 10 chome 3 banchi
Chuo-ku Sapporo 060-0061
Tel: 81-11-261-0301


Q. I am interested in homestay. How close are the homes to the school?

A. Some of the homes are closed to the school, but not all of them. Also we consider the students requirements regarding smoking, pets, allergies, dietary restrictions etc. and try to match with host family requirements. Also the placement is done on the " first applied first served" principle.

Q. How should I apply for accommodation provided by SIL?

A. In case you decide to apply for an accommodation provided by SIL (homestay, boarding house or SIL weekly apartment) please be aware that it is better to do so within the deadline. Accommodation application form and fee, and a second photo should be handled in the same way as course application.

Q. Are the application fees separate for housing and tuition?

A. Yes, they are. If you need housing as well, the application fee should be paid. Course application fee is 6000 yen and accommodation application fee is 6000 yen as well.

Q. I am a vegetarian. Would it be possible to find a host family for me?

A. In fact, it will be quite difficult. Especially young families are not so eager to accept a vegetarian guest.

Since Jun 11,2006.