SIL General Course Information

Class Class Size

Classes consist of a minimum of 3 students and average 7 students. If there are fewer than 3 students, the number of class hours will be reduced accordingly. If the applicants donft accept the diminished hours, the application fee and course fee will be fully refunded.


Please refer to the "Class Standards" page

Elementary Level

Japanese for communication purposes taught using direct and communicative approach methods. The goal of the course is to improve daily conversation ability so that you can express yourself more freely. Some instruction will help students with material covered in the Level N-4/N-5 (old Level 3/4) of Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Intermediate/Advanced Level

One class will concentrate on the Level N-1/N-2/N-3 (old Level 1/2) of Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and cover some formal expressions that appear on the test.
Students not planning to take the test can enroll in a class focusing on refining conversation skills. The gdirect methodh will be used.

Consecutive Courses

The classes for each session cover different material. Students who take the same level in different sessions will not repeat the same material. SIL offers various intensive programs throughout the year. Longer or shorter courses can be arranged upon request.

Class Application Procedure

Please refer to the "Application And Payment" page


Application and tuition fees do not include textbooks. If required for certain courses textbooks and workbooks must be bought separately. However certain photocopied material is included in course fees.


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