Why should you study here?

picture The City of Sapporo

Sapporo, a metropolitan city of 1.94 million and the fifth largest city in Japan, is the governmental, economic, and cultural center of the prefecture of Hokkaido offering a wide variety of educational and recreational opportunities. The city's transportation network of subways, railways, buses, and streetcars makes all parts of the city conveniently accessible, even to first-time visitor. What sets Sapporo apart from other major Japanese cities are its low cost of living and its small foreign language-speaking population. This is beneficial as it makes staying in Sapporo relatively inexpensive, and the necessity to communicate in Japanese reinforces classroom training.

The Teaching Staff

The SIL staff is comprised of trained and dedicated instructors who wish their students to experience the Japanese language in its cultural context. Although SIL instructors are able to answer a student's grammatical questions in English when necessary, the SIL method stresses the importance of attempting comprehension in Japanese first.


Course Materials

Textbooks are selected according to the aim of each course. In addition, original SIL materials are also incorporated.


A Certificate of Program Completion is awarded to those who have fulfilled the work and attendance requirements for their course. Also, a certificate of Attendance is available upon request.


Although SIL is not able to assist in the receipt of pre-student and student visas, it is possible for those who have a temporary stay visa. (Please note that it is not possible to extend the period of this visa.) Please check your local Japanese Embassy for details.


SIL is not able to assist in obtaining insurance. Accidents incurred by the students will be of their own accord and SIL cannot be held liable. Please make sure to obtain overseas insurance in your own country before coming to Japan.

Housing Accommodations

Homestay with a Japanese family can be arranged upon request. Demand is high, so please apply early. Help with finding an apartment or boarding house is also available.

Other Japanese Instruction

Specialized intensive courses can be designed to fit the needs of particular business, cultural, educational, athletic, or tourists groups upon request. We also offer non-intensive courses meeting from once a week. Private and semi-private instructional courses can be arranged. Study programs for those who plan to take the Japanese Proficiency Test can be arranged.
cf. Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Join Our Growing Ranks of International Clientele!

Students of SIL have included people from over 30 countries studying at national and private universities, along with employees of language schools, various companies and public institutions. SIL also trains teachers who wish to receive their certification in Japanese language instruction.